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Oregano Essential Oil

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Product description:
100% steam distillation.
100% pure oregano oil without the addition of any artificial impurities.
Packages: 10ml; 20ml; 50ml; 100ml; 1 kg
INCI name: Oregano Oil, Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Oil
Color and aroma: Oregano oil has a pale yellow color and warm, fresh, woody, spicy, tingling, oily, camphor aroma.
Oregano oil is combined with: angelica, anise, orange, basil, bergamot, verbena, geranium, grapefruit, cedar, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, linden, lemongrass, lemon, lyceum, myrtle, mint, neroli, palmarose. petitgrain, rosemary, chamomile, pine, thyme, dill, citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus.
Properties of oregano oil
- an antioxidant;
- antiseptic;
- antivirus;
- spasmolytic;
- absorbent;
- bactericidal;
- carminative;
- sweat;
- expectorant;
- curative;
- stimulating; 

Therapeutic effect of oregano oil
Oregano essential oil strengthens the immune system and is especially effective in allergies, candidiasis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fungal infections. It has a stimulating effect on poor circulation of the lymph. During recovery or with general weakness, oregano helps to strengthen and mobilize the body. The antibacterial properties of oregano make it ideal for spraying in a sick person's room in order to clean the air and prevent the spread of the infection.
The antibacterial and antiviral effects of oregano essential oil, the ability to reduce vascular obstruction, dilute and remove mucus, relieve pain, and relieve muscle cramps are useful for respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, sore throat and cough.
Relieves pain and inflammation in joint and spinal problems such as arthritis, back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome (painful wrist sensation that occurs after prolonged keyboard operation), rheumatism and sciatica. It is often used for compresses in the treatment of sprains, tumors and muscle stiffness.
Oregano essential oil helps with digestive problems, especially caused by nervousness. It facilitates digestion caused by too fast absorption of food. It stimulates appetite, relieves diarrhea and helps with hiccups. Optimizes the function of the liver and gall bladder. Eliminates hangover syndrome and allows you to restore movement coordination.
Eliminates toothache. It has a positive effect on the respiratory system, eliminates inflammatory processes, increases the productivity of the respiratory system, has antitussive and expectorant action. In the old days, oregano tubs were used for enlarged lymph nodes.
Oregano relieves headaches, migraines, relieves nervous tension. The antiseptic properties of this oil help fight ear infections.
The anti-inflammatory action of oregano oil helps in the treatment of wounds and skin infections, mitigates the appearance of skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea. Due to its strong antifungal and antiseptic properties it is used in the fight against mycosis of the feet.
Oregano essential oil is a good repellent, helping to get rid of skin parasites such as lice, for example.
Bathtubs and oregano massage are used to stimulate menstruation, relieve cramps and help to overcome insomnia.
Normalizes the process of separation and removal of fat from the body: reduces weight, removes cellulite.
It has a slight diuretic and diaphoretic effect. Anti-hemorrhoid agent. It has a hemostatic effect.
Cosmetic and dermatological effects of oregano oil
Oregano essential oil has a strong lipolytic effect, stimulates adipocyte B-receptors, eliminating the overproduction of fat from cells and destroying it, plus improves blood circulation and gradually cellulite disappears, subcutaneous fat restores its healthy structure. Oregano essential oil is an effective remedy for eczema, purulent skin lesions, boils (multiple boils). There is evidence of an anti-allergic effect of oregano. Perfumers used oregano as a deodorant. Essential oil is considered to be the best bioactivator of soap, which allows you to deeply and beautifully cleanse your skin, reduce pores and eliminate excessive sweating.

Psycho-emotional action
Oregano essential oil has sedative, soothing, stimulating and tonic nervous system properties. Removes neurosis and fears. Helps to overcome persistent insomnia. Encourages speedy recovery. Eliminates increased irritability, temper, impulsiveness.

Benefits of oregano oil at home
- Used in perfumes, shampoos, toothpastes and more. cosmetics.
- Has insecticidal properties.

Methods of use and dosage
Aroma lamp: 3-5 drops over 15 m2.
- calms, restores peace;
- gives courage and inspires fresh power;
- has a very strong bactericidal effect (important during the flu epidemic).
Warm inhalation: 1-2 drops per 1 liter of boiling water, the duration of the procedure is 3-5 minutes.
- in bronchitis, coughing as a result of irritation of the respiratory tract
- in asthma.
Cold inhalations: 2-4 drops, the duration of the procedure is 3-5 minutes.
Baths: 2-3 drops
Seating Bathtub: 1-2 drops for warm water
- for menstrual disorders.
Massage: 2-3 drops on 15 g of base oil.
- for any rheumatic diseases;
- for cellulite;
- stimulates blood circulation;
- rubing in the skin with pediculosis and other skin parasites
- rubing in the nails for fungal diseases
Warm compresses: 2-3k.
Enrichment of cosmetics: 1-2 drops on a 15 g basis
Has antispasmodic, soothing, antiseptic, carminative effect, reduces sputum, stimulates appetite, improves gastric activity, normalizes fat metabolism, promotes menstruation.

Toxicity, precautions
Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
Reduces blood coagulation, therefore, it requires careful handling if there are problems with the use of appropriate medicines - anticoagulants.
Do not take with stomach ulcer and diabetes (and take appropriate medicines).
May irritate skin (low risk) and mucous membranes (moderate risk). Do not use on hypersensitive, damaged or irritated skin.
Do not use in children under 2 years of age, preferably after 10 years.
With caution in hypertension - individual reactions are possible.
Do not use on skin in concentrations above 1%.
When used in conjunction with white thyme, the maximum tolerated dose of each must be reduced at least twice.

Keep out of children and pets!
Store tightly closed in a place without direct sunlight, at a temperature of 7-25 ° C.

Shelf life:
 3 years 

The information on the properties of the essential oils and the indications for their use contained in the descriptions of the individual essential oils on our website are provided for information only and cannot be considered a medical prescription for the treatment of a disease. Furthermore, the published information is not complete and comprehensive. Be sure to read the specific literature for essential oils before using them. Please remember that essential oils are highly concentrated substances that require proper dilution before use. It is very important not to use essential oils in excessively high concentrations. Before using essential oil, perform a tolerance test - apply a small amount of essential oil, pre-diluted in vegetable oil, onto the skin (elbow or wrist flexion) and observe the reaction for 24 hours. 
Use only high quality essential oils. With skillful and competent handling, essential oils can bring you many benefits and positive emotions!


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