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Since 2010,  Shtark Ltd. has been a producer of oil-yielding crops, owning 100 hectares of Lavender plantings, 20 hectares of Melissa, 15 hectares of Yarrow, 10 hectares of Chamomile and 10 hectares of Red Oregano in North-Eastern Bulgaria, Dobrich region.
The company has its own essential oils distillery.


We take care of Life by using Good agriculture practices in our everyday work, such as protection of environment by using fewer chemicals, artificial fertilizers and pesticides; even in a part of the fields we don’t use them, preparing the soil for organic production.
We permanently aim to improve our standards in work by implementing innovations and advices about new sorts of plants for achieving high quality of our production.
We accomplish our purposes by cooperating with scientists, professionals and highly motivated staff, also by education of partners in farming, who use the facilities of our distillery.


In line with our company vision, our commitments are focused on:

Sustainable development

  • Environmental Responsibility  - reducing our carbon footprint, soil protection and improving the energy efficiency
  • Social Responsibility – long lasting care for human resources: our staff; seasonal workers; disadvantaged children, especially from Roma people
  • Waste management/Energy Efficiency – using less carbon footprint fossils and renewable sources of energy. Our goal is to use all the waste from plants in the distillation process for production of alternative fuel and energy.

Save and healthy production

  • Our production is 100% natural. Using less chemicals, artificial fertilizers and pesticides in our fields, cleaning the soil and preparation for organic production. Part of our distillery is already certified and produces organic oils from our partners in farming.
  • The high-end products are pure. We guarantee that we do not use any bio or chemical additives in our products.
  • Analysis of the high-end products in trusted laboratories. Transparency of the whole chain of our production

Protecting biodiversity

  • Our company is oriented to growing plants and dozens of plants are used in our cultivation and production processes.
  • We are responsible for using the soil and plants, allowing them to regenerate, doing everything possible to keep clean the sorts of species, collaborating with experienced botanical scientists and professionals in the whole process of production.
  • More than 95% of the plants used in our production have no impact on resource sustainability. We encourage neighbors to put apiaries in our fields with etheric plants, because of our understanding that bees are a vital link in biodiversity.  

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